погода киев

What’s it for and why do you need it?

If you are a web master, you can easily create a weather forecast section for your web site. The section can feature weather forecast for multiple cities.

Typically, other web sites do not allow full import of wethaer data. Imported data usually has a weather forecast of a limited number of days.

With us, you can download complete weather information, including our unique indicator: Weather Probability Index (WPI™). Advantages of our weather import service:
+ FREE and FULL import of weather data in XML (all cities and countries, 20 forecast points, current radar, WPI™)
+ Selective import by city (for quick installation)
+ UA-IX for Ukrainian users

For our Ukrainian users we offer full and free import of weather data in XML via UA-IX

*If you want to use our XML-based wether data but do not have any web development experience, send this link to your administrator. Installing weather forecast feature requires basic knowledge of PHP, ASP or JSP

Whar are the rules and requirenments?

Мы не выдвигаем никаких специальных условий по использованию данного экспорта прогноза погоды в формате XML. Вы можете использовать его в том виде в котором он есть без любых ограничений. Когда вам нужна информация, ее хочется получить быстро и бесплатно. Поэтому мы решили предоставить вам такую возможность и сделать экспорт полным и абсолютно бесплатным.

You can you XML data free with non-commercial aim.

Our only rule prohibits commercial usage of our data. This weather forecast service, including XML-data, cannot be used as part of any type of commercial activity. More details are provides in our user agreement

Our project is non-profit. The web site is maintained using the resources of its creators only. We would greatly appreciate all types of help that you can offer us

We would really appreciate if you place a button with a link to us on the page where you use our weather information. Please make sure the button links to weather forecast for an existing city. By linking to us you not only help you visitors by informing them about our service, but also help our project to improve and remain free

Select one of the three-color themes for the button

1 weather xml 2 weather xml 3 weather xml

Click on the text or press Ctrl+C

Click on the text or press Ctrl+C

Click on the text or press Ctrl+C

*  .

Three easy steps to begin

1. Download installer with instructions

Weather XML export
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2. Provide your personal details (optional)

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